Donate at least one brick!

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful´╗┐!

I wonder what you do with $20. Eat a meal, or get a t-shirt, or fill quarter of your car’s gas tank, drive once over Verrazano bridge or what else?

How about a sadaqah that will insha’Allah continue even after your death! Take part in the MCMC Expansion Project by donating a brick for the project. Please donate at least $20 towards the project.

Do not let Shaitan deceive you, do not delay or come to this page later,  donate now!

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Expansion Project – Phase 1

Phase1 of the project began right after ground breaking. Construction machinery and other apparatus arrived. We are targetting to finish this phase in 100 days. Please regularly visit this blog for status updates about the project.

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Many brothers attended ground breaking ceremony. It was a bright day.

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MCMC Future – Model

This is how the center will look like after completion.

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We need your support!

MCMC expansion project is underway in full swing. This is our center, we need to support it. It is inshallah going to benefit us and future generations.

We need funds to keep the pace. Please come forward and donate generously.

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